Creating Meaningful Landscapes

A little bit of green can bring enormous joy and happiness into your life. Hence at Urbanscapes we Design, Create and Maintain a green Life. 
Turning small and available spaces like Balconies, Terraces, Small Garden, Pathways, Doorways and Empty walls into luscious, green, living and attractive spaces with our experts who have spent a little over 25 year creating meaningful landscapes across India.
Established in 2015, Urbanscapes India is the brain child of Environmentalist and Tree Man of Pune Mr. Abhishek Kawitkar. After planting more than 2 Lakh trees, creating 8 lakes and setting up a few bio diversity projects in Pune City, India, Abhishek understood the importance of Green in everyones life. He decided to do up his own backyard and a few others in surrounding areas. 
” Meaningful Landscapes” a term coin ed by Abhishek and team means that every landscapes Speaks to You. There is a story behind every green space created by Urbanscapes. These stories can be emotional, sentimental, fun, memorable and very though provoking.
For Example, Living green walls can turn your balcony & rooftop terrace back into natural and beautiful family sit out’s. These living walls add life to your surroundings, improve aesthetic beauty of your space, air quality, reduce noise pollution, and brings calmness to your nest.
At Urbanscapes we add this unique design element to indoor and outdoor spaces.Incorporating careful selection of plants as per the right season and light conditions for better plant survival & growth.We also provide modern automated systems for irrigation where one just needs to schedule the timer once and watering is taken care of automatically.